National Theatre Poster

For this project we were asked to illustrate 1 poster for The National Theatre from a list of productions:

Henry V
King Lear
Jane Eyre
The Wind in the Willows
My Fair Lady
Guys and Dolls


Theatre Poster Examples

National Theatre Posters – Examples

Firstly I wanted to research existing posters by The National Theatre, this helped with my work because it gave me a good understanding of what kind of posters that they had already commissioned from other artists. I also thought it was interesting to see the different media that was used, a lot of them are photographs and more digital, but the ones that stand out to me are the ones that have gone down a more traditional route. For example, the poster for “Treasure Island” looks like it has been done with either watercolour or chalk and it gives the image more texture.

National Theatre Logo

I thought it was important to look at a few different options for the logo just incase one of them didn’t go with my colour scheme or if one would be too big.

The Wind in the Willows – Poster Examples

I chose to do a poster design for “The Wind in the Willows” as I was doing a set design for the production on my other project, I thought this would be a good idea and might also be better for time management because I could use some of the same elements for each project. I wanted to look at previous posters for “The Wind in the Willows” because I wanted to make sure I didn’t steal another artists ideas. A lot of the posters use really ‘earthy’ colours and make sure to include all of the main characters from the story (Mole, Rat, Toad and Badger) and key elements of the story.

Character Design

(From reference images and sketches please look in my sketchbook.)

I wanted to just do some quick research into some character design that other illustrators have produced for The Wind in the Willows, I think this will help to keep the look of the characters similar so they are easy to recognise.

Erik B Krenz

I really liked these illustrations of the main characters in The Wind in the Willows by Krenz, I think the softness of the watercolours helps bring the characters to life. I would like to try and colour my characters in watercolour to see if I can achieve the same effect.

Polish Poster Design

I wanted to research different historical posters so I looked at Polish poster design because they are very graphic and they do a good job at standing out and grabbing peoples attention. They range from not being that detailed to posters that are very busy and vivid and exploding with colour.

As you can see from the images above the colour scheme is very bright and they almost clash with each other, the people/characters all have strange expressions and I think this is what makes them great.

Jerzy Treutler

I really like the way Treutler makes use of the space he has on the page and makes sure to fill it. Again, he uses very vivid colours and some images have limited colour with only one being used as an accent colour. I think the bottom two images above work really well, I like how he has embedded the elements in these posters with the hand and the gun, this makes it look visually interesting and this would help make it stand out.


Marta Jagus

I think out of the artists I looked at for Polish posters, Jagus was my favourite. I really like the way she uses a lot of typographical elements to make up her images and even though some of them aren’t coloured, they still would look good at a quick glance which is what I think is the most important aspect of a good poster. I would like to add a unique typographical style to my posters similar to this.


Illustrated Poster Design


Ken Taylor

From looking at some examples of illustrated poster designs I found artist Ken Taylor’s work. I really like the detail and the contrasting colours within the posters. I think this helps to make them stand out and the colours help to draw the eye to different parts of the poster. I think it would be interesting to add bright and contrasting colours to my poster because Wind in the Willows is mainly aimed at children so normally the colours would have to be soft.

His Website

Screen Print Posters

Tom Whalen

After looking at examples of screen print posters I think it would be a nice medium to explore with as I haven’t done it before and I also think it makes the image look really clean and professional. I like Whalen’s work as he has thought carefully about where to place the text and to make sure his composition looks unique.

Tips for Screen Printing:

Useful Websites:

How to design a poster

50 Illustrated Movie Posters

Screen Printed Posters


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